The FORT ROYAL group gathers, protects and develops the expertise of its workshops of excellence dedicated to architecture and interior design. In order to expand its trades and complete its offer, FORT ROYAL has decided to acquire LITHIAS, a workshop specialized in stone carving, sculpture and fine marble. When stone is generally the starting point of projects, FORT ROYAL is now offering to its clients, private individuals and professionals, the technological and crafts skills of its stone carvers and sculptors.


Located near Angers, LITHIAS was founded by Bernard and Ghislain Moret de Rocheprise. The father, a French-heritage-enthusiast, and his son, expert in new 3D technologies, had their heart set on bringing the benefits of technological innovation to natural stone. This material, formerly neglected in the construction industry for cheaper products, is now recovering a first-grade place in the contemporary creation thanks to its physical, esthetical and ecological qualities. The workshop, member of FORT ROYAL group, dedicates its expertise in natural stone, fine marble, mechanical and manual sculpture to artistic, architectural and decorative creation.


Since its foundation, LITHIAS developed a double expertise bringing together modern technologies and craft excellence. While digitization and automated stone-cutting and carving machines confer reactivity, competitiveness and a wide field of application (building, statuary, ornaments, furniture), the creative acuity of our stone carvers and sculptors make the collaboration with designers easier.