The mastery of digital technologies allows our workshop to be especially performant in renovation and creation projects. By 3D digitization (digital print without any contact), our artisans can reproduce any element degraded by the damages of time or translate any subject of your choice in stone. In collaboration with creative professionals, our artisans have also the ability to digitally sculpt and work every detail, every volume, before launching the machining process.


The use of numerically controlled machines is essential to meet the requirements of responsiveness and production deadline required by our customers. The machines are a tremendous asset for our artisans in their seek for absolute precision. Thanks to a fine preliminary design, the automatically-worked-draft becomes the best springboard for the manual finishing by our sculptors.


Our workshop is made up of sculptors who have been rewarded several times for the quality of their production. The work by hand then begins where the machine’s capabilities stop. Our craftsmen carve, sculpt and engrave using traditional techniques (mallet and burin, chisel, tooth chisel, riffler and scraper) to give our creations flawless finishes and craftsmanship. This marriage of technical modernity with traditional craftsmanship is at the very heart of our expertise and our workshop’s identity.